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Re: Installing multiple packages at once

On Sat, Jul 13, 2013 at 08:53:44AM +0200, Manuel Wiesinger wrote:
> Although this seems quite stupid to me, I was not able to find an
> appropriate way to conveniently install multiple packages from
> source at once (like apt-get install foo bar, or portmaster foo
> bar).
> I use to write a script, when necessary, but I wounder if there is
> an easier way.

One way is:
echo 'devel/foo' > list
echo 'x11/bar' >> list
pkg_chk -C list -a

I suggest building binary packages first and installing those instead.
Make a sandbox with pkgtools/mksandbox (or manually), set up one of
the bulk build methods (I use pkgtools/pbulk) and do a limited bulk
build using "list" from above.

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