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Re: pkg-config doesn't find stuff when trying to create my own pkgsrc lldpd package

On 28 April 2013 14:10, Greg Troxel <> wrote:
> You should be using libevent's, but it looks like you did.
> It's possible that the pkgconfig file isn't getting included.  Look in
> your work directory at the buildlink3 shadow tree.  You will also find a
> bunch of log files about which files from which package were included.
> Basically, I mean to look at *everything* under work/ (including files
> starting with .)  and try to understand them, at least for a minute
> each.  Also, set PKG_DEBUG_LEVEL (to 1, 2, or maybe even 3) and save the
> log and look over it.
> Also, you may want to put your package in wip; I find it easier to look
> at things there than via email.

I contacted Thomas Klausner and I am waiting for commit right to
pkgsrc-wip so I can put my package in there.
Thanks for your suggestions.

Bartek Krawczyk
network and system administrator

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