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Re: libnotify07

It seems that the GTK >= 2.90 dependency is only needed for tests. From NEWS:

"Remove GTK+ dependency from library"
"Remove explicit GTK+ 2.x linking, so that libnotify can link against both
GTK+ 2.x or GTK+ 3.x"

There's no configure option that disables tests, from what I can tell. If you
want to patch it up to remove the testing, (or better would be to make it a
PKG_OPTION), then go for it.

If you've a list of the GNOME3 packages that we need and you haven't had time
to package, I can put them on my list and help work on them. I've done a
couple of them as needed, but they're in pkgsrc-wip.\

The only thoughts or plans for libnotify07 is to slowly transition packages to
it to support the packages that require it (ex. compiz) and to support more 
GNOME3 packages. As many hands as possible are needed for this transition, 
because libnotify has a lot of packages depending on it and those packages have 
a lot depending on them, etc.

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