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amaya 11.4.4 (Re: CVS commit: wip/amaya

 I was first trying to update www/amaya 11.3.1 to 11.4.4.
The changes are very easy and seems to be updated easily.

 But after installation, typing amaya won't give nothing.
Seems to wait something. No window appear. (i386 and amd64)

After doing several things, I found how to start.
The things may be the same as 11.3.1, but not for sure.

On NetBSD/i386, in my case release 5.2:
(1) Have two terminal.
(2) Type amaya on the first one.
(3) Type amaya on the second one.
(4) Kill the second one by Control C.
(5) Amaya window appears 20-40 seconds later from the first one.

So, 11.4.4 is on wip now.

On amd64, it segfaults.
I have this memo and backtrace of amd64 on TODO.

Thank you.
Makoto Fujiwara, 
Chiba, Japan, Narita Airport and Disneyland prefecture.

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