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TeX Live 2013 pretest binaries [was: Texlive 2012 DVD won't support NetBSD]


Last year, TeX Live dropped NetBSD/i386 distribution in its main
system.  As a long time (20+ years) user of both LaTeX and
NetBSD, the blow was harsh on me but I could survive for some
time with the TeX Live 2012 pretest binaries (which existed for
NetBSD/i386) and TeX Live 2012 release packages.  Now that TeX
Live 2013 is in its pretest phase, I need another solution.

David Brownlee <> wrote some time ago:
> So one thought might be a pkgsrc package which built the "Custom
> binaries" suitable for using TeXLive
> - does anyone have any idea of
> what that would entail?

I had a look at the TeX Live sources and this will not be easy
because they provide various libraries (from libpng to icu) that
already are in pkgsrc.  As we also have various TeX-related
programs in pkgsrc, it might be possible to gather them and
rebuild a custom binaries pack (a collection of symbolic links
would be appropriate) that could be suitable for the TeX Live

Anyway, I took upon me to grab the current TeX Live sources and
compile them on a NetBSD/i386 6.0.1 system.  Having found the
right options (use GNU make all the way, pass the right options
to the linker for shared libraries), compilation is pretty
straightforward and it gave me what's here:

I'll also make binaries for NetBSD/amd64 6.0.1 in the next few

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