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pkgsrc-2013Q1 binary packages for illumos / OSX now available

Hi all,

Starting with pkgsrc-2013Q1 I will now be producing regularly updated
binary builds for OSX, in addition to the existing illumos / SmartOS
builds I am already doing for Joyent.

For OSX I used PREFER_PKGSRC on OSX 10.5 to ensure they are portable
across all recent versions (I am using them fine on my 10.7 laptop),
and there are over 8,000 binary packages available.

For illumos, we are currently at just over 9,800 packages, and I am
looking forward to reaching 10,000 very soon ;)

Both sets come with pkgin pre-installed and pre-configured ready to
use, and install details as well as some information about what's new
is available here:

Feedback very much welcome.


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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