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Re: more xorg updates

Le 07/04/13 00:26, Thomas Klausner a écrit :
I'm not sure that splitting up the libraries is really necessary or
useful. If it makes life easier for you, make just one package for

I guess I don't understand why wip split these all out, I too would prefer a single package (perhaps two wrt MesaDemos)... I'll consolidate now that I seem to have a reasonable baseline...

Below "Changes" the first line is: "Removed all DRI drivers that did
not support DRI2. Specifically, i810, mach64, mga, r128, savage, sis,
tdfx, and unichrome were removed."


I wonder if it would be worthwhile to try to put something in place to support higher versions of xorg/mesa, something like gtk* or gcc* do.
E.g. Xorg14 and Mesa8 and/or Mesa9...

BTW, to Joerg, can you tell me which 'old' version of solaris ld worked with the patch in its current state?

I tried installing bootstrap-2012Q4-illumos.tar.gz on omnios and with the prebuilt bits nothing (xorg) worked there either.

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