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getting rid of pulseaudio from SDL - how???

I'm trying to get gnash back so I can watch (some) videos in Firefox;
if there's a better way, please do tell.  :-/  Meanwhile...

This is 5.2_STABLE on i386, with pkgsrc 2012Q4, just recently
upgraded from 2012Q3.  "gnash" used to be available in the binary
repository (5.1_2012Q3).  I used "pkgin" to update everything, and
gnash went away; it seems not to be available in binary form in
5.1_2012Q4.  So I figured I'd just install it manually, but one of
the dependencies, pulseaudio, fails to build - someone else has
reported that problem in PR 47697.

So I thought fine, let's see what happens if I remove the dependency
of SDL on pulseaudio, which appears to be optional.  However, I can't
seem to do this.  I've set, in /etc/mk.conf:

  PKG_OPTIONS.SDL=esound nas

... and SDL reports:

The supported build options for SDL are:

        aalib arts esound nas pulseaudio

The currently selected options are:

        esound nas pulseaudio

You can select which build options to use by setting PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS
or the following variable.  Its current value is shown:

        PKG_OPTIONS.SDL = esound nas


Now I'm utterly confused: it's clearly picking up my setting of
"PKG_OPTIONS.SDL", but somehow this is not reflected in the "currently
selected options", and the SDL package *still* reports a "Full
dependency" on "pulseaudio>=2.1".

What am I doing wrong?

Ms. Anne Bennett, as a private citizen:
Also reachable more officially at work:

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