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Re: Status of math/gnumeric unable to keep up with upstream releases?

"Thomas Mueller" <> writes:

> What is the status of gnumeric being stuck at 1.10.17 when upstream has 
> released 1.12.0 ?
> I think gnumeric >= 1.11.x has gtk+ >= 3.0.0 as a dependency?  I checked 
> gnumeric web site .
> What is the status now of gtk+ 3.x ?  Good for building the newer releases of 
> Transmission bittorrent client and gnumeric?

As you can easily see, the maintainer of both gnumeric packages is 
This means that no one in particular takes special care of it.
If you provide patches (with testing and so on), it is appreciated.
Perhaps, if you're interested in having new gnumeric, you should try
updating it (and related packages, if needed). Usually, it isn't that hard.


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