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segmentation fault while building the pkgsrc index

sorry for cross-posting, but this message is surely best target on
this mailing list.
I'm running NetBSD 6 32 bit on a virtual box machine and I've
downloaded the pkgsrc tree, but when I try to build the index with the
following, I got a lot of segmentation faults:

# cd /usr/pkgsrc && make index
Extracting complete dependency database.  This may take a while...
......[1]   Segmentation fault      /usr/pkg/bin/per...
make: "/usr/pkg/bin/perl -V:prefix -V:installarchlib -V:installscript
-V:installvendorbin -V:installvendorscript -V:installvendorarch
-V:installvendorlib -V:installvendorman1dir -V:installvendorman3dir"
returned non-zero status

and then I stop it using ^c. I've checked disk space and I've got
around 600 MB still available on the filesystem.
Any suggestion?


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