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Re: postgresql91 build with libxml

If there is an optional XML build, it might be appropriate to also
either bundle or option the XSLT support as well.  It doesn't suit me
in the current context because I have pretty good control over the
browsers in the user community here.  But it would be a good idea for
a site that was serving net-wide, since older browsers don't support
XML in the client.
I don't know about other users since I'm not in frequent contact with
other sites using a postgres back end.  I have had a chance to play
with it for a day by now and I'm impressed.  Postgres doesn't have a
built in web server like that other RDBMS, but this is getting close.

On 2012-01-31, Greg Troxel <> wrote:
> So probably this should become an option, since it seems like most
> people won't want to use this (yet).

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