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Re: pkg_add NetBSD/i386 5.1 packages binaries fails

I've had the same problem with NetBSD 5.1/amd64.  I don't understand why there 
is a 5.1 release but not a matching set of packages but I do understand that 
the 5.0.2 package binaries will work.  But it is what it is and I'm not trying 
to start an argument or flame-war here.

From what I've found out, there are two versions of the pkg_add utility; one 
that comes distributed with the NetBSD system (/usr/sbin/pkg_add) and one that 
gets built with the packages (/usr/pkg/sbin/pkg_add).  Using the one from the 
package build gets around this problem, at least it does for me - and I'm not 
sure if this is really the correct solution, but it seems to work.  I think I 
tried putting /usr/pkg/sbin ahead of /usr/sbin in my PATH but that didn't seem 
to fix things, but I probably screwed it up when I did it.

Anyway, try doing "/usr/pkg/sbin/pkg_add <package>" and see if that works and 
solves your problem.

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