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Re: pkg/45703 (mail/offlineimap)

On Sun, Dec 11, 2011 at 09:10:24AM +0530, Mayuresh wrote:
> To apply your patch now, I just reverted Makefile revision to 1.18 from
> current of 1.19 and it worked.
> I'd just like the patch to be submitted as it is a required fix for
> offlineimap users.
> I can file a PR and submit the patch. However how to get it right so that
> it appears with respect to Makefile 1.19 instead of 1.18?

Further to that I find 6.4.0 has bugs that are apparently fixed in 6.4.2.
I'll take this opportunity to update to 6.4.2 and submit the patch.

I changed GHTAG and GHCOMMIT accordingly

Skipping CHECKSUM for now. (How to compute them? Perhaps I should find

I find it is not downloading the file correctly. Just creates an empty
dist file.

# make NO_CHECKSUM=yes
=> Bootstrap dependency curl-[0-9]*: found curl-7.21.7
=> Bootstrap dependency digest>=20010302: found digest-20080510
=> Fetching spaetz-offlineimap-v6.4.2-0-g5f3ac2c.tar.gz
===> Extracting for offlineimap-6.4.2
gzcat: /usr/pkgsrc/distfiles//spaetz-offlineimap-v6.4.2-0-g5f3ac2c.tar.gz:
unexpected end of file
tar: End of archive volume 1 reached
tar: Sorry, unable to determine archive format.
*** Error code 1

I checked that the filename formed after "Fetching" matches the one if I
try to download manually.

What's wrong here?

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