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Re: Rearranging Samba packages

Takahiro Kambe <> writes:

> In message <>
>       on Sat, 10 Dec 2011 01:04:45 +0400,
>       Aleksej Saushev <> wrote:
>> I'm testing Samba 3.6.1 and would like to rearrange packages so that
>> net/samba would be the latest stable release rather than the oldest as
>> it is now. This means in particular that:
>> a) net/samba which is Samba 3.0.37 becomes net/samba30;
> I think Samba 3.0.37 and net/samba33 should be went away.

If we agree on 3.0 and 3.3 going away, then so should 3.5,
there's no point in keeping it. I'm more inclined not to keep 3.5.

>> b) net/samba35 which is Samba 3.5.11 becomes net/samba to be updated to
>> Samba 3.6.1 soon (or later 3.6, if it happens in the middle).
> I prefer net/samba contains common like file and
> shareable files between net/samba35 and net/samba/36 if exists
> (net/samba itself dosen't build any package).

I don't like this approach. In my opinion, whenever it may be
indifferent to user, we should just provide latest stable release.
Users that need specific branch can utilize another package nearby.

Also Samba is neither Python nor Ruby, it doesn't have that heavy impact
on other packages.


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