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Re: 'Being supported' in pkgsrc means...?

> Hi,

 >>  >> So: What are the specifications for being 'tested and supported'? Or is
 >>  >> it possible to update that information?
 >> > I think it means that's the last time someone spent some serious time
 >> > building packages for this system :)
 >> > How many packages did you build?
> so is that enough for being stated as 'supported'?

Well, personally, I think no, but almost 7000 packages is better than
nothing. RHEL provides about 2500 packages or so, SLES -- ~3500 packages
in their repo.

> The first thing I can find on this list is
> which isn't really that much better than the current one.

I'm not interested in FreeBSD actually, I ran that bulk build just for
fun.  I've not seen any bulk build for FreeBSD for years, so it was just
interesting for me to see how good support for FreeBSD is. If you have a
hardware that runs FreeBSD welcome to pkgsrc-bulk@ ;-) At least I'll fix
my own packages and packages I'm interested in.

> Regards, Julian

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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