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NIH, the package manager for pkgsrc

Hi. A few days ago I released nih-0.10.0.
As always it is available from pkgtools/nih.

In the end of september I presented it on KyivBSD conference
( Original presentation is (in English)
is available here.

Almost all participants was FreeBSD users and developers (all except
me?), so the presentation is a little bit FreeBSD-centric.

Major changes since 0.9.1

  A lot of improvements and grammar fixes in manual page
  by Nikolai Krot.

  Support for marker "keep" was implemented.
  (nih mark -k|-K, nih list -k, nih install).
  "keep" marker means that a package can't be updated by "nih update"
  command.  This marker is particularly useful to mark packages that
  the user compiled manually from pkgsrc.
  Original idea belongs to Debian APT.

  nih install:
    - Options -r and -R options were added
      for installing dependencies or dependent packages.
      Sometimes they may fix mysterious segfaults.
    - Support for package suffix `/' was added that means "remove
      update". See the manual page for details.
    - A virtual package "_" was implemented that means "all packages"
      for which update is available".
    - Fixed: bug in REQUIRES/PROVIDES problem resolver.  Now packages
      that solve REQUIRES/PROVIDES problems are marked as installed by
      user.  Thanks to Jan Smydke for the report.
    - Library files including system libraries that packages require
      through REQUIRES field are also checked during update plan

  fix: $CACHEDIR/All directory is created only when it is really necessary.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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