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x11/gdm doesn't compile for me essentially because in daemon/misc.h C_ is
defined, which clashes with the C_ macro in glib/gi18n.h. After you fix that,
there is some problem with bool -> Bool_.

The version of gdm in pkgsrc is 2.20. The current 2 series version is 2.32,
and it doesn't even have a daemon/misc.h file. I see that it is a suggested
update in pkgsrc/doc/TODO.

Is trying to update the package the way forward, despite:

   GDM 2.20 and earlier supported stable configuration
   interfaces. However, the codebase was completely rewritten for
   GDM 2.22, and is not completely backward compatible with older
   releases. This is in part because things work differently, so some
   options just don't make sense, in part because some options never
   made sense, and in part because some functionality has not been
   reimplemented yet.

(I'm assuming that's why pkgsrc stopped at 2.20?)



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