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sysutils/duplicity broken?

I started playing around with duplicity for encrypted backups to Amazon S3 with binary packages from the netbsd repository, and apart from the fact that there's an unmarked dependency on py-xml and/or py-expat, it seems to work OK. This was duplicity 0.5.20, from the most recent pkgsrc branch. I was able to back up to S3 and restore from it.

So, I noticed there was a much newer version (0.6.16) in pkgsrc-current, so I set up a new VM to try it out. It doesn't work out of the box - after much poking around, I was able to figure out it wants a newer py-boto and some other not-in-pkgsrc code (filechunkio) in order to support S3. I updated it in pkgsrc (boto to version 2.1.0, and created a py-filechunkio pkg), and got it to at least *run*.

Once I did this, I was able to actually write backups to S3, but I have so far been unable to restore from them; either backups created with 0.6.16 or those created with 0.5.20. I suspect at least some of the fault is with duplicity itself (if I'm reading their buglist correctly, there's a problem with restores in 0.6.16), but clearly the packaging is missing some stuff.

Does anyone else use duplicity? Are you able to use it with S3 under NetBSD? I can roll back to 0.5.20 if need be, but I'd rather not lose forward compatibility...


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