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2011Q3 package binaries for NetBSD/macppc 5.1


I've uploaded the results of a bulk build of pkgsrc-2011Q3 for
NetBSD/macppc 5.1 to

A total of 16GB of packages have been uploaded, consisting of
13120 packages.

This build was done with sources from October 5, 2011.

For the packages which are not architecture-specific (should be
the vast majority), these packages should also be usable on other
powerpc ports.

At the same time I've removed some of the older binary package
sets for NetBSD/powerpc built on 5.1.  It's likely that the axe
will fall on the oldest packages built for 5.0 as well (at least
the 2009Q4 set), as, sadly, our disk space is not infinite.


- Håvard

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