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Re: Issues with scrotwm-0.9.34 snapshot

Tomas Bodzar <> writes:

> Hi all,
> so I was able with help of marco@ to get scrotwm-0.9.34 snapshot
> compile and running. Not so much changes needed:
> 1) change DISTNAME in Makefile
> 2) change MASTER_SITES in Makefile
> 3) remove unneeded patch-ac from patches/
> 4) add -lXtst flag to gcc
> for HEAD of scrotwm there is a need for more changes like in scrotwm.c
> and don't know how to instruct pkgsrc to download from git (have
> issues with 2) as well because of that because it looks in mirrors and

For software in git, the approaches are

1) Ask upstream to make actual releases.

2) In pkgsrc-wip, see mk/

3) make your own tarballs if (1) fails

> Reading pkgsrc guide to try prepare correct package as actual version
> is quite hackish. Is there someone who can help me with that? It's my
> first try to create some package.

I would suggest getting access to pkgsrc-wip (just send me or your sourceforge username), and working there.  It 
it easier for others to look at what you've done.

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