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Re: gcc 4.6.1, solaris and c99

On 12. 10. 2011, at 14:10, Hans Rosenfeld wrote:

> I guess this came from here:
> My first reaction was that gcc shouldn't do that, but I'm not so sure
> anymore. It would also make sense to require the code to not just
> re-define _XOPEN_SOURCE.
> Did you already decide on what to do about it?

I didn't tackle it yet, but I guess _XOPEN_SOURCE definitions in the software 
should be patched away - for C++ code. My question I guess is if this is safe 
to do across the platforms, or should be only done on SunOS?

I decided to build 2011Q3 with GCC 4.5.2 for now, to isolate all the breakage 
introduced in this branch (on our SmartOS platform), then revisit GCC 4.6.x 


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