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Re: Help! - Problems compiling kde4 on amd64 with gcc 4.5.3

On Fri, 02 Sep 2011, David Brownlee wrote:
> ... and just to confirm on amd64 5.1 all is dandy.
> So it definitely looks like a gcc 4.5.x issue, i386 or amd64.
> Its strange that a google search for
> "error: no matching function for call to
> 'std::map<boost::tuples::tuple<GpgSignKeyEditInteractor_Private::Si
> gnKeyState"
> only shows up postings for NetBSD. Maybe its some interaction
> between gcc 4.5.3 and the specific kde & gpgme versions?

I'm not yet in a position to build on a current NetBSD with gcc 4.5.3 
(hopefully soon) but I have built kde 4.5.5 against gpgme 1.3.0nb1 on 
ArchLinux with gcc 4.6 and not struck this problem (did strike some 
others that I have work arounds for that haven't been incorporated in 
the packages yet).


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