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Re:(Solved) Help! not compiling /devel/m17n-lib-1.6.2 on MacOSX Leopard

Hi Adam

Thank you for your quick reply.

Akio OBATA gave me a patch for /x11/libX11/,
which solved my problem.

His reply will be on the list so please check it for the details.

I always appreciate the elegant work and the generous attitude of you guys in 

Just in case, I will paste the lines around 440 in  my 

436 #if 1
438 #undef newlocale
439 #define newlocale libintl_newlocale
440 extern locale_t newlocale (int, const char *, locale_t);
442 #endif



On 2011/08/31, at 17:35, Adam Ciarciński wrote:

>> /Volumes/PKGSRC/pkgsrc/devel/m17n-lib/work/.buildlink/include/libintl.h:440: 
>> error: expected '=', ',', ';', 'asm' or '__attribute__' before 
>> 'libintl_newlocale'
>> *** Error code 1
> I cannot reproduce this on Mac OS X 10.7. What's in 
> /usr/pkg/include/libintl.h, line 440? "#define newlocale libintl_newlocale"?
> Kind regards,
> Adam

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