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Re: RFC: nih - package manager for pkgsrc

I've released nih-0.9.0

  Support for "try_out" marker was added. New options for subcommands:
  nih install -t, nih remove -t, nih list -t and nih mark -t/-T.
  See manual page for details.

  nih install:
    - after downloading binary packages it checks for common files in
      PLIST fields. If unregistered conflicts are detected, nih exits
      with error. This can be disabled using NO_PLIST_CHECK variable.
    - New option -a was added for running pkg_add(8) directly.

  nih history:
    - "automatic" and "try_out" flags are registered and output.
    - outputs a warning message if NO_INSTALLED_COPY is set.

  nih install|remove:
    - New option -l was added for keeping auto-removable leaf

  nih verify:
    - New option -s was added for comparing running OS and OS packages
      were built for.

    - New global option -s was added for specifying path to

  ~/.nih/installed_* files are compressed by bzip2.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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