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pkgin 0.5 is at the door

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Greetings lists,

After a couple of month of refactoring, debugging, adding new features and behaviours, the new pkgin is at the door !

Beginning in June, Bapt, from the FreeBSD `pkgng' fame, gave me some hints he's been through in order to boost their package manager speed. Along with many feedback i received by mail (thanks everyone), i've put it together in order to provide nicer, improved code.

In a nutshell, here are the changes you may (or may not) notice:

. Made "yes" the default answer for install, remove, upgrade (request)
. Got rid of many useless lists loading (speed x10, literally)
. Introduced FULLPKGNAME as db member, speed ups searches
. unique_pkg(): no more "many versions of foo", pickup newer (request)
. Got rid of the annoying "stalled-behaviour" while downloading on some
. Imported progressmeter from OpenSSH (request)
. One struct to rule them all (Pkglist), eavily simplified code
. More flexible check_yesno()
. Database silent migration, you won't have to rm -rf /var/db/pkgin to
  migrate to 0.5

Pkgin 0.5 has been tested on NetBSD 5.1/amd64 & i386, Openindiana, DragonFly BSD 2.8, Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 and MINIX 3.1.8.

0.5 is available from pkgsrc-wip (wip/pkgin) and i'd like it to be well tested before it makes its way to pkgsrc. The brave could also track pkgin's CVS code, instructions are here:

Please use to submit PR, comments, requests and patches, best way to keep track of pkgin user's adventures :)


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