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wip/ghostscript 9.01 to 9.04 (Re: [PATCH] fonts/adobe-cidfonts ...

I have upgraded wip/ghostscript from 9.01 to 9.04.
Upstream is skipping 9.03 and
I am skipping 9.02.

In the course of testing, I found ghostscript-cidfonts
dependency was not correct now. It needs re-packaging
after ghostscript is upgraded.
(The PATH and version number becomes inconsistent.)

DEPENDS+= ghostscript 
.include "ghostscript/"
may be necessary.

To my regret, I don't really understand the difference 
of above two. I understand the former is full dependency
and probably that is what we need now.

Thanks for reading,
Makoto Fujiwara, 
Chiba, Japan, Narita Airport and Disneyland prefecture.

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