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Re: PKGSRC 2011Q2 Wine Troubles


Nat Sloss <> writes:

> I've tried wine-devel and it fails to build errors regarding fmaxf and fminf.

You must be running NetBSD 5.0 or earlier, NetBSD 5.1 should have these 
Consider updating to 5.1, if it doesn't cause problems.

> I had modified the source and was able to build it.  But as with wine 1.2.3
> winecfg does nothing and running wine does not work.

I don't know. It involves checking on previous releases, and I don't
have resources for it.

> I also have built wine 1.2.3 from scratch with a fresh pkgsrc and no packages 
> installed and built wine and prerequisite packages, and still it does not 
> run.

pkgsrc rather rarely fails to isolate package builds.

> I have however managed to build 1.0.1 from pkgsrc 2011q1 without png support 
> (that's where it would fail) and it works fine.

I had problems like you describe with 1.0.1.

> Should I submit a problem report for wine and wine devel?

If we cannot reproduce it, it isn't actually much useful.
If you don't solve the problem in near time, send it, sure.


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