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Re: PKGSRC 2011Q2 Wine Troubles


Nathanial Sloss <> writes:

> I am having troubles with wine.  Today I downloaded pkgsrc2011Q2 and 
> successfully compiled wine.
> Most of my packages are from 2011Q1 except for the ones updated during the 
> wine build: 
> gnutls-2.12.3nb1.tgz      libgpg-error-1.10nb1.tgz  nettle-2.1.tgz
> libgcrypt-1.4.6nb2.tgz    libxslt-1.1.26nb1.tgz     wine-1.2.3.tgz
> But when I run wine or winecfg I get a message on konsole that it has created 
> the .wine directory then it just hangs (no new windows etc) and consumes 100 
> percent of the CPU.
> What have I done wrong?  Have other users experienced the same problem?

Please, don't send three almost identical messages to mailing list,
it is confusing at least.

WINE does show this misbehaviour from time to time. In my experience,
it depends on application you're trying to run.


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