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re: x11/xplanet build failure on port amd64

On Sun, 7 Aug 2011, matthew green wrote:

if you have @LIBBZ2@ in your installed system you'll need to either
fix it by hand or extract a newer (fixed) set.  you are correct in
that that sed is applied during "" time, not pkgsrc time.

OK, I went searching, and there is exactly one place where the string @LIBBZ2@ occurs in my base system: /usr/X11R7/bin/freetype-config
Near the end of that file we have

if test "$echo_libs" = "yes" ; then
  if test "$enable_shared" = "yes" ; then
    eval "rpath=\"$hardcode_libdir_flag_spec\""
  libs="-lfreetype -lz @LIBBZ2@ "
if test "${SYSROOT}$libdir" != "/usr/lib" && test "${SYSROOT}$libdir" != "/usr/lib64"; then
    echo -L${SYSROOT}$libdir $libs $rpath
    echo $libs $rpath


The recent changes to predated my base system install, so it didn't get the update.

Problem solved - thanks for the clue.

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