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Re: make update failing with "a different version ... is already installed"

On Tue, 02 Aug 2011 21:20:00 +0900, Greg Troxel <> 

  How about apply the following patch?
  I feel that even if USE_DESTDIR=yes, target based DEPENDS_TARGET
  setting should be preferred.
  (and replace-destdir target should be fixed, because if
  DEPENDS_TARGET=replace and depending packages
   is not installed yet, it will not work as expected).

Do you mean:

   when doing update, and the dependency already exists, then
   DEPENDS_TARGET should be forced to replace?

No, please read around the patch.
If DEPENDS_TARGET is set manually, it will do nothing.

When updating a package without DEPENDS_TARGET...
With USE_DESTDIR != yes, sufficient variable (UPDATE_TARGET) will be set to 
and dependency package will also be update if it is not sufficient version or 
not installed.
But with USE_DESTDIR=yes, `package-install` will be always set to 
and always fail to update if dependency package is already installed but old.
I feel that it is regression after switched to USE_DESTDIR=yes by default.

Additionally, DEPENDS_TARGET=replace will not work if dependency packages is 
not installed,
It is because `pkg_add -U PACKAGE' will fail if the PACKAGE is not installed.
I feel it is also regression.

OBATA Akio /

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