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nih-0.8.0 release

I've just released nih-0.8.0 (pkgtools/nih), apt/yum-like package
manager for pkgsrc for manipulating binary packages.
Feedback is welcome.

Major changes from previous version:

  nih remove:
    - FIX: -n now works correctly
      Affected versions: 0.7.1-0.7.2

  nih install:
    - FIX: "nih install -n" doesn't change "automatic" flag anymore
    - new suboption -k for continuing download after failures
    - BUILD_DATE field is included to installed_*.txt files

  New command "nih audit" for checking packages for vulnerabilities

  New command "nih history"

  nih mark:
    - new suboptions -A and -U, synonyms to -u and -a respectively
    - if neither -a, -A, -u nor -U were specified, markers are output.

  nih list:
    - new suboption -b for outputting packages in the repository
    - new suboption -r for outputting raw package summaries

  nih meta:
    - new suboption -r for outputting raw package summaries

  nih refresh:
    - error message is output when download fails

  Minor improvements in "nih -h" and manual page

  FTP_OPTIONS and WGET_OPTIONS default to "-4" for using IPv4 only.

  New configuration variable IGNORE_CKSUMS was added in order to
  ignore SHA512.txt absent in some repositories.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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