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Samba / / no pam_sm_* symbols

Hi, from a default install of net/samba35 contains no visible
pam_sm_* symbols:

Jul 27 22:16:14 netbsd sshd: in openpam_dispatch():
/usr/pkg/lib/security/ no pam_sm_authenticate()
Jul 27 22:16:15 netbsd sshd: in openpam_dispatch():
/usr/pkg/lib/security/ no pam_sm_acct_mgmt()

In nsswitch/pam_winbind.c, all pam_sm_* functions are prefixed with the
PAM_EXTERN macro. PAM_EXTERN is defined as "extern" in
nsswitch/pam_winbind.h if not on Linux, and as "static" in
/usr/include/security/openpam.h if NO_STATIC_MODULES is _not_ defined.
pam_winbind.h includes openpam.h through pam_modules.h _after_ its
definition of PAM_EXTERN. Thus PAM_EXTERN is always defined as "static".
So, you either have to compile samba35 using a manually tweaked
source3/Makefile (eg. add -DNO_STATIC_MODULES to CFLAGS), or with a
modified nsswitch/pam_winbind.h
Is this pkgsrc specified or should I take this to some samba mailing list?


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