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Re: ncurses 5.9 and terminal size

On 21. 7. 2011, at 0:33, Filip Hajny wrote:

> I'm only using pkgsrc on Solaris systems - does ncurses 5.9 behave the same 
> way on NetBSD? If not, any hint on where's the problem coming from? I can't 
> find anything remotely relevant in the changelogs.

To answer my own question (after bringing my NetBSD VM up-to-date), it's not a 
problem on NetBSD, i.e. I do not need to export LINES/COLUMNS in Bash to make 
pkgsrc's tput report proper terminal size. I guess I'll bring this up on the 
ncurses mailing list.

Anybody else running Solaris and seeing this problem too? It's happening on 
ncurses 5.8 and 5.9.


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