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Re: Newbie question for pkgsrc-2011Q2 release -- editors/emacs fails to build (devel/pango)

I'm not sure what your problem is, but a big issue is where X comes from
and how.  pkgsrc has two approaches:

  use native X.  the x11-links package makes symlinks to the X11 that is
  provided by the OS before pkgsrc was installed

  use 'modular' xorg.  This means that pieces of X11 that are needed for
  pkgsrc are built within the pkgsrc framework as needed.

Trying to mix these can be trouble.

On NetBSD, you can use either, via "X11_TYPE=modular" in mk.conf, vs
X11_TYPE=native.   See mk/ .

It seems pkgsrc on Linux (see mk/platform/ by default uses
native X11.

  % cd /usr/X11R6

  % ln -s /usr/include include

  % ln -s /usr/lib64 lib

I don't understand why you did this.  If X11 isn't where pkgsrc expects
working around it with symlinks feels like trouble.

Instead, you could try

  pkg_delete (and bmake clean) all packages which use X

  set X11_TYPE=modular

  build again

to ignore the X11 provided by Linux.

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