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Re: pkgsrc-2011Q2 has been branched

Rhialto <> writes:

> I'm cvs-updating to it, and I see a lot of messages like this:
> cvs update: Updating x11/py-vte
> cvs update: move away x11/py-vte/DESCR; it is in the way
> C x11/py-vte/DESCR
> cvs update: move away x11/py-vte/Makefile; it is in the way
> C x11/py-vte/Makefile
> cvs update: move away x11/py-vte/PLIST; it is in the way
> C x11/py-vte/PLIST
> cvs update: move away x11/py-vte/; it is in the way
> C x11/py-vte/
> is it just me or do others see it as well? 

No. I just updated and I had none of these messages, though the
mentioned files were changed. Have you checked file permissions?


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