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"pkg_chk -l" on NetBSD-5/i386


"pkg_chk -l" on NetBSD-5/i386

I've been using pkg_chk for several years but now tried an option
never previously used, "pkg_chk -l", meant to to give a sorted
list of packages in best order for install on the remote pc. On
the way to attempting to sort out what I was doing wrong I did a
clean chroot build using 'pkg_chk -a -s -B' which completed 
without problem in about 16 hours for 490 packages.

"pkg_chk -l" still results in:
        "*** archivers/arc - Unable to extract pkgname"
        "*** x11/xtrans - Unable to extract pkgname"
for each of entries in pkg_chk.conf.

What am I doing wrong?


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