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pkgsrc on Linux ext2fs partition?

Is there any problem keeping pkgsrc on a Linux ext2fs partition and using for 
both Linux and NetBSD?  

Would NetBSD compilations be hampered by running on ext2fs?  Objective is to 
use for both NetBSD and Linux.  NetBSD-current and 5.1_STABLE now both seem OK 
with ext2fs, whereas I couldn't mount my Linux partition with NetBSD 5.1 
original release.  I could use work subdirectories such as work51, work599 and 
worklin instead of "work".  Idea is to put pkgsrc on a separate partition, need 
to be sure it would be visible to Linux as well as NetBSD.

I am getting ready to setup on a new computer with 3 TB hard drive (Western 
Digital Caviar Green), would use gpt as opposed to traditional fdisk, and not 
sure if I would use any NetBSD other than -current.


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