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Re: 2011Q1 OpenOffice3 build problem

>> The odd thing is that this symlink to according to
>> "objdump -p" has a dynamic dependency on
>>   Dynamic Section:
>>     NEEDED
>>   ...
>>     RPATH       /usr/pkg/lib:/usr/X11R7/lib
>> and /usr/pkg/lib/ *does* contain the three above
>> listed symbols.
> Are you sure it is using that one and not the X11R7 version, which is
> noticable older?

The "ktrace -i" I did of the openoffice3 rebuild attempt revealed
that something somehow caused the X11R7 version of libpixman to
be used.

It's possible that this is the doing of some other library,
although a search in work/.buildlink/lib/*.so using "objdump -p"
didn't uncover any likely candidates.

Since the setting of USE_BUILTIN.pixman=no was done only after
the first failed attempt at building openoffice3, and after lots
of other packages had been built, I've decided once more to
retreat to square 0, i.e. with only pkg_install installed, and
with that setting included, to see if that improves matters.


- Håvard

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