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Re: non-DESTDIR status: 54 to go

David Brownlee writes:
- Is there an easy way to trigger the dump without much configuration?
- On what platform are you - I know prayer used to have some fatal
- alignment/cast issues on sparc64...

I've gotten it fixed, it was a matter of trying to had a NULL
pointer to freeaddrinfo().  

It's now up and running on an amd64 box.  I'll try to build it
on one of my sparc64's and alphas as well.

Objections from the peanut gallery on checking in during the
freeze? (it's a leaf package.)

- On 29 Jun 2011 02:17, "Eric Schnoebelen" <> wrote:
- > David Brownlee writes:
- > - Does this help? :)
- >
- > Yes, it's being very helpful. Now if I can just figure out a
- > segmentation fault while its starting up, we'll all be happy.

Eric Schnoebelen      
            Ignorant people in preppy clothes are more dangerous
              to America than oil embargos.  -- V. S. Naipaul

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