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Re: wip/ja-freewnn-{lib,server}

obache> I did some(?) modifications to wip/ja-freewnn-* packages,
obache> and basically, TODO items should be gone away.
obache> Could you verify those changes?
obache> (I've just tested start/stop with rc script).

I have confirmed the package works fine. Thanks Obache.
I think commit to inputmethod/ja-freewnn-{lib,server}
is fine. ( commit log becomes lengthy ?, I am afraid).

(1) Read thru the cvs log obache recent made
(2) make package-install on ja-freewnn-{lib,server}
(3) make package-install on kinput2 with minor 
    modification on following line from previous report
-DEPENDS+=       ja-freewnn-lib>=1.1:../../wip/ja-freewnn-lib
+DEPENDS+=       ja-FreeWnn-lib>=1.1:../../wip/ja-freewnn-lib

(4) start jserver (of FreeWnn)
 sudo env ja-freewnn=YES /etc/rc.d/ja_freewnn start

(5) start kinput2
 env LANG=ja_JP.eucJP kinput2 -ccdef ccdef.kinput2.egg

(6) Have tgif installed and setup japanese input for tgif
 xrdb -m ~/.Xresources.tgif

(7) Start Japanese input with control-\
(8) Famous test string passed.
    (My name is Nakano in Japanese).

Related Japanese memo was on my diary

Thanks again, obache,
Makoto Fujiwara, 

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