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Re: nih - package manager for pkgsrc

 >> Hello. For a few weeks I've been developing new package manager for
 >> pkgsrc ( wip/pkgnih-current ).
With Cc to tech-pkg@

I've released new release of pkgnih, package manager for pkgsrc.
For now it handles packages using binary repositories only, that is
pkg_summary(5) provided by bulk build software.

Initial announcement and some details about my plans are here

Package: wip/pkgnih (for numbered releases)
         wip/pkgnih-current (for development version)

Major changes in this release:

  Fix in generating an "update plan".

  Command "nih info" was added. It shows an information about packages
  in the repository or about installed packages. See a manual page for

  Unless NO_SUMMARY_COPY variable is set in configuration file,
  downloaded pkg_summary.txt and SHA512.txt files are copied to
  "pkg_summary_YYYYMMDD_hhmm.txt" and "SHA512_YYYYMMDD_hhmm.txt"
  respectively, thus allowing to restore and use them in the future.

  Unless NO_INSTALLED_COPY variable is set in configuration file,
  ~/.nih/installed_YYYYMMDD_hhmm.txt file containing a list of
  installed packages before removal/installation is created thus
  allowing to restore the previus state of the system.

  nih clean-cache:
    - New option -i was added that takes into account
      ~/.nih/installed_*.txt files.

  nih deps:
    - Option -z has been replaced with -I. By default, pkg_summary.txt
      is analysed, not installed packages just like in "nih search"
      and "nih info".

  "nih verify", "nih status -s" and other commands that don't require
  pkg_summary.txt now work normally without "nih refresh" and even
  without binary repository (without pkg_summary.txt) at all.  Thanks
  to Andrey N. Oktyabrski for pointing out about these problem.

  yes_* variables were introduced in config file for always answering
  "Yes" to particular questions.

  fix: "nih search -r" without -3|-9 options doesn't fail with strange
  error messages anymore.

  Minor fixes in nih.conf

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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