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Re: lang/perl5 vs. security/p5-Digest

 >> ~>pkg_admin pmatch 'p5-Digest<=1.16{,nb*}' p5-Digest-1.16; echo $?    
 >> 0
 >> ~>pkg_admin pmatch 'p5-Digest<=1.16{,nb*}' p5-Digest-1.16nb1; echo $?       
 >> 1
 >> ~>

> Do not mix Dewey and non-Dewey patterns.

I don't.

`*' part is a glob pattern.
{a,b} came from csh. In Bourne shells it is called 'brace expansion'.
The rest part of the pattern is dewey, in particular nbX.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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