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Re: Linux system to use pkgsrc?

> What is a good type of Linux system if one wants to build packages from
> pkgsrc as opposed to using a full ready-to-go distribution like Slackware,
> Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc?  Linux does not have a BSD-style base system,
> but it is clearly necessary to have the gcc tools and other standard Unix
> utilities (mount, ls, sed, grep and many others).
Actually, Slackware + pkgsrc is a popular choice (FSVO "popular") _and_ it
has a BSD-like init. There was even an attempt to bring rcorder to Slack, but
I don't remember the details anymore.
> Compile natively or cross-build?  Building packages from pkgsrc would be
> the intent in choosing the starter Linux; I would be starting from a blank
> partition.
See Linux From Scratch[1] if you have enough spare time.



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