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Re: KDE application slowness (dbus related?)

On 19.12.2010 13:05, Thomas Klausner wrote:
> Hi!
> When using KDE applications like digikam or amarok, they very often
> behave sluggishly (I only use single applications, not the whole KDE
> desktop).
> E.g. digikam starts up very very slowly even directly after a reboot,
> or amarok takes ages to fetch covers or lyrics. It is even slow when
> selecting a jpg for a cover from the file system (opening the file
> dialog box takes ages -- well, more than 10 seconds).
> Is it something in my setup, or do other people see this as well?
> Any hints on how to improve the situation?

I had similar symptoms with xfce4 applications, especially at startup,
and during file browsing. I didn't identified all the chain of problems,
but it mysteriously "disappeared" after:

- adding hostname to ::1 and in /etc/hosts

- starting up hald + famd (without famd, Thunar regularly freezes while
browsing through directories)

- creating /var/run/dbus/ (or the associated VARBASE directory for
dbus), with dbus:dbus owner:group. dbus tries to create its system
socket under /var/run/dbus, and when it cannot to, everything that
attempt to contact the daemon via libdbus becomes dog slow. For unknown
reason, this directory was never created each time I installed dbus.

That may not fix your problems though; these happened many months ago.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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