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To use native (XFree) or modular X11 on OS X 10.4 (Tiger)

I've been testing bulding gimp (as a reasonable gtk2 test case) on OS
X 10.4 powerpc using both native and modular X11.

They both seem to work fine, and in each case on my G3 the gimp binary
starts in around 39 seconds and seems functional (interestingly for
reference the builds start in around 45 seconds on the same

Both the pkgsrc binaries have a standard X look, while the
binaries have the Apple menus & fonts.

The modular X11 binaries give an 'XRANDR' not supported warning, while
some of the gimp plugins give a different (and possibly more
significant) warning when loading with native.

Even though I've made a few small pkgsrc tweaks to make everything
happy with native XFree86 again I'm undecided as to which should be
the default.

There does not appear to be any performance advantage to using native
X11 (though that might be different on particularly low memory
machines), and apps
linked against the modular X11 from pkgsrc potentially gain from more
feature rich and bugfixed libraries.

I'm tending towards making modular the default. What do people think?

Note - I am only talking about OS X Tiger - not Leopard or anything
else later. (technically this would include Panther and earlier as
well, but since we don't seem to have anyone interested in maintaining
pkgsrc support for them thats larger irrelevant :)

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