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Adam <> writes:

> Before I commit the update for PostgreSQL packages, I would like to
> change their PKGNAME to postgresql-xxx instead of postgresql90-xxx,
> postgresql83-xxx, postgresql82-xxx. The same way as MySQL packages are
> named.
> After that, we'll have, for example:
> postgresql-server-9.0.2, postgresql-client-9.0.2
> NOT: postgresql90-server-9.0.2, postgresql90-client-9.0.2

I'm not sure a general pronouncemen is sound, but I think it makes sense
to have the version in PKGNAME exactly in those cases where packages can
be simultaneously installed (e.g. guile14/guile, python25/python26).

I believe that it would be hard to install multiple pgsql versions at
once in pkgsrc (new prefixes, buildlink files per prefix), and more
importantly insufficient motivation to do so.  So removing the version
From PKGNAME and both simplifying and making less magic the CONFLICTS
situation seems like a good thing.

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