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OpenSSH problem

Dear list,

I am not able to login as normal user with openssh 5.5.1 from pkgsrc. It works as root but not as user (uid 1100).

After the welcome message I get the following error on the client:
unable to set user context (setuser): Operation not permitted

Console on server shows:
sshd: setuid(1100): Operation not permitted

sshd[21782]: utmp_write_direct: tty not found
sshd[21782]: utmp_perform_login: utmp_write_direct() failed

I also compared the output from "/usr/pkg/sbin/sshd -ddd" on both users, but there are no differences. Is there a problem with a setuid bit from the executables? But where to look? /usr/sbin/sshd and /usr/pk/sbin/sshd look the same.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

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