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Re: Getting pkgsrc

On 12/ 2/10 12:21 AM, Thomas Mueller wrote:
from "Noah McNallie"<>:

I've to say that this is for solaris (my sparc64 u30 is running 5.0.2 though!). 
I don't know if there are any rules against messaging the list for non netbsd 
compiles of pkgsrc. Everything was going good up until this. It seems like it 
shouldn't be too difficult to fix I just don't know where to start. Perhaps 
someone with more knowledge on the subject can point me in the correct 

I can't help on your main question, but pkgsrc is not for NetBSD only.  You're 
on the correct list.


the problem was that gcc was defaulting to solaris ld and not gnu ld, that's been resolved, now I am running into issues compiling perl.


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