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Re: Getting pkgsrc


Hans Jacob Zachariasen <> writes:

> Is it possible to make installing and tracking "pkgsrc-current" as easy as it 
> is in DragonflyBSD?

Yes, even easier.

> I'm new to the BSD world. I've tried the other bsd's, but found that NetBSD 
> was the right choice for me.
> I just like DragonflyBSD's way of fetching pkgsrc. Very convenient.
> As root:
> # cd /usr
> # make pkgsrc-create

cvs -d co -P pkgsrc

> to fetch the intial pkgsrc repository from the net, or
> # cd /usr
> # make pkgsrc-update

cd /usr/pkgsrc && cvs up

> to update.
> Edit /usr/Makefile to select a different download location, if desired.

Just pass it on command line.

> This downloads the absolute most recent version of pkgsrc.
> In a production environment, you may want a more stable release.

Add "-r pkgsrc-2010Q3" to flags.

> Check the section below for more details.
> Copied from "";.

The above way is described in official documentation.

> If not. Is it possible to use fossil to track "pkgsrc-current",
> think I saw some discussion about it here somewhere. Am not fond of CVS.

Fossil is worse than CVS. Git is worse than CVS for pkgsrc.
CVS is the best VCS for pkgsrc so far.


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