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Re: www/drupal6: new version available, I messed up subject line

I sent this message a day ago but had the wrong subject line.  Sorry!

But since I sent that message, I see math gnumeric has just been updated.

from "Volkmar Seifert" <>:

> Hello,

> I am using pkgsrc-current, and I've installed www/drupal6 recently, which
> results in drupal 6.18.

> Since August 2010, there is a drupal 6.19 available.

> Can someone please update www/drupal6, so that 6.19 gets installed?

> Thanks a lot.

> - Volkmar

I could equally complain about math/gnumeric (1.10.10) and 
editors/abiword (2.6.8) being behind, since the current stable versions are 
respectively 1.10.11 and 2.8.6.


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